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With over a million surgeries and counting, we are keeping communities, businesses, and people safe with premium surgical instrumentation, implants, and personal protective equipment with zero-lead-time delivery.

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For more than a decade and a million surgeries and counting, we’ve provided hospitals and doctors across the US with premium instrumentation, surgical implants, and biologic tissue they need to do their jobs. Our Texas roots and long-time connections with PPE suppliers mean we get you everything you need to stay well and safe, whether you’re one of our neighbors, a community business, or a large hospital.

SLR Medical Consulting is committed to delivering superior surgical and PPE products to medical facilities. We are proud to offer PPE products and delivery with zero-lead-time processing. This is done to improve both patient care and provide operational enhancements for your healthcare practice.


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Premium Instrumentation, Surgical Implants, and Biologic Tissue

SLR Medical Consulting has been in the business of providing quality medical products to our community in Texas and beyond for over a decade – it’s the heart of what we do. And in these uncertain times, we’re pleased to provide communities and businesses around the US with the supplies they need to stay safe.

For over a decade, SLR Medical Consulting has been supplying thousands of surgical facilities across the country with the screws, plates, implants, and bio tissue used in a variety of surgeries ranging from craniotomies to total toes and everything in between. We also supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to those facilities and training labs. Learn more about METI of Dallas here.


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We offer a wide selection of personal protective equipment to keep you and everyone around you safe. As a trusted medical supplier, you can rest easy knowing we only offer quality goods.

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